Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here is my 74' Chalet hard sided popup trailer. I am in the process of getting her ready for the road for the upcoming season. Everything in the trailer works; fridge (three way), stove and heater. But, I am a chicken and don't use the stove up top because of the fumes. I am the third owner; the first two owners took her up and down the Pacific Coast from Washington to Baja. I have taken her all over the state for my fishing and hunting excursions. It has served as my dog house on occasions, the kid's play house and when a guest gets too drunk; a nice crash pad. Sometimes I like to have a quiet drink and read in it. Because of the good insulation; I have used it most of the year - I put a space heater in it (electrical) and it keeps me toasted warm.

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