Friday, January 21, 2011

Take a Kid Fishing, or Hunting

Unfortunately, today the majority of the kids don't have a chance or an opportunity to go and enjoy the outdoors. The reasons are many and we can spend forever naming them. Most of the time, some kids just want to stay home and play video games or surf the internet. Not that is bad because in today's world; kids must be computer/electronic savy to function.

However, for our way of life, we have to introduce the outdoors to the upcoming generations for hunting and fishing to continue. I am going to place my daughter in hunter's education this year; she's 13 and probably ready for it. All three of my young children have already been fly fishing numerous times and enjoy it - I don't try to push them hard on it, their attention spans won't handle all day on the stream.

This young many picture is Kiran from Albuquerque. His family friend Kyle C., also from Albuquerque has been taking him out hunting; dove, quail, rabbit and now waterfowl. Of course, the young man has a lot to do in school, ROTC, band and sports but has shown a lot interest in the outdoors. Here he is with his first ducks from his first duck hunt. Congratulations young man and kudos to Kyle.