Monday, July 30, 2012

Allie will start her hunting career with me in September.  For me, there always the excitement of getting a new dog on the field that I have trained.  It is a pleasure to hunt with a dog and I am looking forward to hunting with pointers (in the past I personally hunted with Labradors).  The first game on the board will be Dusky Grouse.  This hunt will get her more exposure to the actually hunt and I won't demand too much from her.  By the time that quail and pheasant season kicks in, I hope to see what she can do in the field for her young age.  This is going to be fun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rio Costilla

One of my favorite streams in the state is the Rio Costilla.  It is a tailwater fishery almost on the border with Colorado located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  I enjoy fishing it during the summer when the heat is on on Albuquerque; during the evenings on the river we had to put on light jackets and sweat pants.  The river was flowing well - at 40 CFS and mostly clear.  We all caught fish on nymphs with the going patterns being...  It is a Rio Grande Cutthroat stream with most of the fish being "Cutbows".   I will be going up to the river at least a couple of more times before autumn sets in; it fishes well during September and up to the time the water releases from the dam cease.  I highly reccomend a trip here to fish and to view the impressive Valle Vidal.