Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tortilla Española

This is a tortilla española; a potato and egg fritter. Great to take to the field or stream as lunch - can be eaten as is or as a sandwich filler in a crusty bun. Pictured here with roasted marinated red bellpepper and green chile caribe.

R & B Stonefly Pattern

I first saw this dry fly pattern a long time and and I liked it. I named it R & B because the abdomen is made from a ribbon of a cassette tape; in this case, a R & B tape that I had around that had given up the ghost. It works well.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stuffed Bacon Roll

I got this recipe off the web; so, I can't claim fame to it. I did change it a bit for my likes, though.

It is a Bacon Roll with a ground turkey stuffing.

One and a half lb. of bacon.
Two pounds of ground turkey. (original used italian sausage)

Make a weave of 5 X 5 bacon strips going across and up and down (see photo). Press turkey on the weave to flatten leaving about a half an inch around (treat the ground turkey like a meat loaf with spices and such. Dice the remaining bacon and fry to like. Place the fried bacon bits on the turkey. Now, carefully, roll the ground meat up into a tight roll. Then, roll the bacon weave around the ground turkey. It took me about five hours to cook in a gail force wind. I basted it twice before finishng. I used a couple of large chucks of hickory for smoke. A leafy salad went well with it.


One cup of Dr. Pepper reduced until almost think. Added it to my rub (I have posted it prior here). Next time I will just add a tablespoon of ketchup, one of mustard and one of brown sugar with a good dash of vinegar.

Result: My kids and I liked it a lot. My wife said it was little salty for her, but she ate it anyway.