Friday, November 11, 2011

Now that Duke has been with me for awhile; I have gotten to see more of his training. I planted a couple of pigeons in yard to see if he could point them out. The first bird he wasn't too impressive with the find; he was almost on the bird before he pointed. The second bird he was walking by and got the scent cone and slammed a point that was almost breath taking. I am getting Duke more used to the leash to show him the heel command. He was trained to come with the command "here" so I may have to find a command that is not too close in resemblance to heel - maybe something in Spanish. (I teach my dogs commands in Spanish, too). I worked him on the whoa table and he knows "whoa", so I am very happy with that. His kennel (crate) training is coming along now. He goes in by himself but I do cheat with the kennel training; I give the dogs a treat after they go in. My next goal is to get him to retrieve. This weekend, I am going to take him out and do some field training on birds with a .22 blank pistol and see how it goes with him (I was told that he has had this before).

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