Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got the blues...

Last weekend I went up to our local mountians to hunt Dusky Grouse; formally called Blue Grouse. This past weekend I have major bragging rights; I scored my first Scotch Double on Duskies. My dog, Tizona, got super birdy and took me downhill for about thirty yards - there are times you know she on a hot scent and something is ready to flush. I was standing on a small rise between an old logging road and drain. She jumped onto the old road and flush some duskies. The flush occurred behind some spruces so I waited for the instant for the birds to appear. I picked out one bird and shot; I saw two birds tumble in the air. My dog retrieved the birds and my hunting buddy came over to investigate "a witness". He later that afternoon got a pair of birds with two shots. Dusky Grouse season is a great way to start out the hunting season. My birds are on the left with the spent shell next to them.

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