Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Allie at Three Months


Mrs. Bacon said...

Lovely GSP pup. We have recently brought a GSP pup into our lives. He is almost sixteen weeks old and is quite the handful. Would love to see any training advice on your blog.
He gets on average three miles of walking with me in the mornings everyday and then trains with my husband in the evening. A tad hardheaded with the occasional other issues like getting super spun up agitated and not listening. Is this normal? Thanks,
Mrs. B
blog: http://developingminds.tumblr.com

Thomas Peña said...

Hello Mrs. B.,

Being that our dogs are just puppies; expect them to test everything and us out. There're not that much different from the Labradors I have and have had. Right now, I am doing the basic stuff; sit, come and no, no, and no. I have also introduced her to birds - a pigeon and she took to it easily. The retrieve training is still fun stuff with a puppy dummy. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Mrs. Bacon said...

Thank you. He is testing the limits for certain. At one point this week, I thought geesh, he must think his name is no, no, no.
He has his good days and those oh my good lord will he ever learn days too. We had a lab before this and he was tough as a pup but not like this little guy. Staying patient and glad to hear that someone else is doing the no, no, and well no as much as we are.
Will email if any other questions arise.