Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seven Eights of number Eights.

Now that the wingshooting season is over, most of the gear has been put away until next season. However, to get some practice in with the shotgun and have some great fun is to continue shooting by hitting the sporting clay range. Since I use a Spanish SXS for my upland hunting and sporting clays, I reload for it. Normally, when I am hunting upland, pheasants for example, I reload one oz. of #6 shot. When I am on the sporting clay range, I use a different load that works well - 7/8's of #8 shot. Here is the recipe for this particular load. It should give me about 1,200 fps.

  • Hulls: AA

  • Wads: TGT 12

  • Primer: W209

  • Shot: 7/8 of #8 shot

  • Bushing: #30

  • Powder: 16.6 Red Dot

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