Thursday, March 17, 2011


Akita is a year old German Shorthaired Pointer. I am training this spring for an individual with the hopes to get her ready for some hunting in the fall. She came to me with absolutely no formal obedience done much less to say anything about advanced field work. Her owner, David C. from Albuquerque acquired her with the hopes of doing the training himself but the training fell threw with all of life's other obligations.

I have had her a week now and can get her to sit on command until released. Next week, I will do the come command and introduce "Whoa" training. This is my first experience with working/training with pointers and looking forward to it. In the past, I have had guide trips where the pointers (Brittany) owners wanted a more experience dog around with their young dogs (Ducky Grouse hunting in the mountains). Akita is a high engery dog and likes to run. It will be fun to see her working a field.

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Todd said...

Good luck with her. I had one as a young hunter and he was a great field dog.Run them hard.