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Winter Newsletter 2009

Winter Newsletter 2009

Fin & Feather

Happy holidays to all.

El Niño
The present El Niño is not as strong as in years past. But, it is predicted to last longer into the winter than normal which means more precipitation in the form of snow.

San Juan River
Last September I conducted a workshop on the San Juan River through UNM. The river was running at 500 CFS – too low for my liking. On the good side, it was running clear. The fish took the regular patterns with the scud and the Desert Storm as favorite flies. The weather was mild and sunny. Everyone caught fish with the largest fish measuring 19 and half inches long by Paul P. of Albuquerque. Here is a photo of Pete with his fish;

Dusky Grouse Hunting
This past season was a nice change from years past. The Dusky Grouse coveys that we flushed were of several birds to close to a dozen in each covey. The area where we hunted was lush and green from the summer monsoons helping the grouse with cover and food. Even nicer was the fact that I was using my new side by side 12 gauge shotgun; an Ugartechea, to get my grouse. Dusky Grouse hunting is sometimes described as the hardest upland hunting you can do. Some Duskys with Uggies;

Fishing Report
Everything is now slowing down for the season. The San Juan River remains as the only dependable river to fish now – and this is my favorite time of year to fish it; no crowds, no heat and no mosquitoes. The San Juan River is now all catch and release in the Special Trout Water section; from the dam downstream to Simon Canyon. The Rio Grande is also another river that offers good fishing for Browns, Rainbows and Cutthroats. There are some Smallmouth Bass in the river as well as Northern Pike swimming in the Rio Grande, too.

Gun Dog Training
I am going to start gun dog training. If you have a new pup and want to use him/her for hunting, this may be something to consider. I have trained my dogs to hunt both upland and waterfowl, I believe in a versatile dog that can do them both. The dogs will be socialized to other dogs and to living as a family companion. They will be exposed to birds, water and eventually gunfire and with a solid foundation of obedience, too. If you have any questions, please send me an email .

Hunting Report
The waterfowl season is open now on both flyways; check with the game and fish proclamation for more information. I have yet to go out duck or goose hunting but will report once I get out. The quail season has opened, too. Quail season runs until February 14, 2010. Also, the big game season has started – I didn’t drawn anything this year so I can’t report much on it.

Upcoming Events
  • Christmas. December 25, 2010.
  • Middle Rio Grande Dark Goose Hunt. January 2 -24, 2010. Check with the game and fish proclamation for more information.
  • Easter. April 4, 2010.
  • San Juan River Workshop. April 17 & 24 – 25, 2010. UNM Community Education, Los Alamos. Contact Eileen (505) 662 0336
  • San Juan River Workshop. April 28, May 1 – 2, 2010. UNM Rec. Services. Contact Laura 2773733

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